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How Big Should Your dog dildo Be

How big should your dog dildo be? Getting the right size for a dog dildo is very important – the dimensions of a dog dildo affect the comfort and pleasure of the user. Consider the following things when selecting a pleasure toy:

Comfort level. Figure out how deeply penetrated you want to be. Use your fingers or other long and safely-insertable objects. Put it in gradually. Notice when it feels good and when it starts to hurt. Mark this level with your finger and measure it with a ruler or measuring tape.

This is your penetration measurement – take note that this is different from the actual length of the dog dildo. In terms of wideness, try first with one fingers, then two, gradually adding up until you can’t tolerate it anymore. Spread your fingers and observe what pleases you. Get this measurement as well. Take note that there are some forms of dog dildos that don’t need to be inserted to work such as clit stimulators. You don’t have to do the procedure for these types.
Pleasure. Your comfort level may be different from what you actually like when you’re aroused, especially because your internal anatomy changes when you’re being stimulated. Measure your internal dimensions when you’re unaroused and when you are. If you have dog dildos before, pay attention to what sizes appeal to you. Unless you’re seriously hurting yourself, these sizes will be okay for you since they give you the most satisfaction.
Movement. A dog dildo can move in several ways. Vibrations, thrusts, and swinging motions add to the dimensions of internal stimulation (if you choose to put it in). Replicate the motions with your fingers or other tool.
Form. dog dildos carry a lot of features aside from moving parts: ridges, bumps, spikes, curves, and more. This is where internal anatomy becomes important again. Consider how these features will make you feel – if you have reservations regarding the odd shapes, it will be safe for you to select a smaller or thinner dog dildo. Refer to both your unaroused and aroused internal measurements. If you prefer dog dildos with bases, consider how long it is from tip to the base. Is the dog dildo’s penetration measurement (as describe by the manufacturer) compatible with yours? If not, you might be able to put it in but you won’t get to benefit from the base.
Aesthetics. If you’re a highly visual person, that is, what you see affects you a lot, you should also evaluate whether the design pleases you or not. Some people get scared when they see a dog dildo that’s too large, while others lose their confidence that they’ll be satisfied when they notice their dog dildos are not that huge. Remember that emotions carry a lot of weight when it comes to sexual experiences. If appearances matter to you, get an attractive dog dildo that adds to your pleasure.
These are some ways for you to know how big your dog dildo (more on best dog dildos: http://bestdog should be. Remember that these sizes may or may not stay the same. You might want a certain type of dog dildo one day and a wildly different toy on the next. What’s important is that you pay attention to how your body responds to the gadget – there are no hard and fast guidelines because people have unique anatomies.

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